Goldendale Aluminum Smelter

BMEC, Inc. has been performing the Project Management and Environmental Oversight during investigation and closure of the Goldendale Aluminum Smelter since 2010. The former Goldendale aluminum smelter was closed in 2003 and has been undergoing demolition for future property redevelopment.

The ongoing investigation addresses RCRA (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act) Solid Waste Management Units as well as other sources related to the previous operation of the Goldendale Aluminum Smelter. BMEC coordinates the environmental investigation and facilitates communication among the client, regulatory agencies, Klickitat County, The Yakama Indian Nations, and various environmental contractors.

BMEC performs ongoing sampling at the site as part of the investigation, and quality control for all reports submitted to regulatory agencies. Other responsibilities include monitoring and maintenance of previously closed hazardous waste impoundments at the site, including groundwater sampling and submission of annual reports.

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