BMEC Services cover every aspect of environmental cleanup and damage mitigation for polluted and contaminated sites.  We have the background, knowledge and understanding that help us help you with your project through to completion. From hazardous materials cleanup and disposal, to soil remediation and reclamation, mold treatments and underground storage tank management and industrial waste water services. Click on any of the menu options in this category to learn more about how we can help you move your project forward effectively and efficiently.

Due Diligence for Commercial Properties

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments provide due diligence and safe harbor for properties being purchased. The Phase I ESA strictly adheres to the current ASTM standards regarding environmental concerns that may affect the value of the property and minimize the risk to the purchaser, with recommendations for compliance.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments will characterize the sites recommendations provided by the Phase I ESA. Phase II ESA's are physical investigations and sampling of recommended areas of concern, provided by the Phase I, to prove or disapprove the presence of environmental concerns and an estimation for the cost of clean up or compliance if required.

Phase III & IV's provide cost analysis and project design for actual cleanup of contaminations or resolution of concerns along with compliance programs when necessary for the sale of the property in question.

Phase V is remediation management. BMEC provides on-site management of these cleanups and all reporting necessary for compliance.