BMEC Services cover every aspect of environmental cleanup and damage mitigation for polluted and contaminated sites.  We have the background, knowledge and understanding that help us help you with your project through to completion. From hazardous materials cleanup and disposal, to soil remediation and reclamation, mold treatments and underground storage tank management and industrial waste water services. Click on any of the menu options in this category to learn more about how we can help you move your project forward effectively and efficiently.

Mold Services

Mold Surveys BMEC building inspectors will visually inspect the facility, identify specific fungal contaminantes (through lab analysis) and locate possible contamination problems.

Project Management BMEC will provide bid documents for remediation and help in the selection process along with over site and monitoring during the abatement process. We will provide the pertinent documentation required upon completion of the project.

We also offer:
Laboratory Services to analyze bulk or air samples.

Remediation Contractors provided and approved for any remediation project.